A soap just for you

Posted on 2021-01-21

We, at Homespun make a variety of soaps but what happens when you are unable to find a suitable soap from our collection?

We make a soap just for you. We empower you to chose your ingredients and your prices.

So let us tell you the story of a client. She browsed our collection of soaps with their respective ingredients but she could not chose a soap according to her unique requirements. She contacted our soapmaker and presented the dilemma. We proposed that we would make a pure coconut oil soap for her.

A soap in which only coconut oil is saponified or a 100% coconut oil soap was made for the first time at Homespun. This soap was made with madder root infusion and scented lightly with orange blossom and tuberose fragrance oil. Normally, a coconut oil soap takes 4-6 weeks to cure i. e. dry its excess moisture. We recommend our customers to use a fully cured soap to enjoy its benefits over a longer period of time.

We cured this soap for 2 weeks. The time came when we had to package and deliver the order. So, we printed this on the labels.

"This 100% Coconut Oil soap was made just for you"

Today, Coconut bars are available in different sizes and prices at Homespun. Experience the luxury and opportunity to customize your own skin care products. Contact us now and chose truly loving ingredients to meet the soap of your choice.

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