As prescribed

Posted on 2021-11-11

Nigella seed oil is considered effective for skin ailments. We were asked by a lady to make a soap with Nigella seed oil as prescribed by a dermatologist. The soap had to be made for her son.

This was a matter of skin sensitivity. The recipe had to be formulated meticulously so that the resulting soap would be beneficial and won't harm the skin of a child. So, we decided to make hot process soap to ensure that no lye remains in the bars.

Also, we manually superfatted them with Nigella Seed oil. The bars were not very pretty but they had to be effective for the skin ailment.

As these were hot-processed soap bars, they could be easily unmoulded in one or two days. We packed and delivered to our customer at promised time.

We waited for feedback from this lady. We made it with true love but would it truly love the sensitive skin of a child?

Yes, it did and knowing this made our efforts worthwhile.

If you have any skin condition and require a particular ingredient in soap bars, feel free to order customized soap from The Homespun Shop. We will make a bar that would love your skin truly.

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