Simply Natural

Homespun Tallow, Homespun Schmaltz, Coconut Oil, Asar Fragrance oil, Lye Solution
Castor oil is a moisturizing oil. It draws moisture from the air into skin as it is a humectant. It heals wounds, It fights inflammation and acne. It is antimicrobial as well. Tallow and Schmaltz have been used for centuries to make skincare products like soaps and balms. Unlike plant based oils,animal fats closely resemble human skin. That makes them better moisturizers. When these fats are Homespun, you can be sure about their hygienic rendering for the health of your skin. Coconut oil is beneficial for moisturizing dry skin, reducing inflammation, promoting wound healing and known for its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.
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