The best day ever includes you

Posted on 2022-01-07

This line did not seem right at the beginning when we first talked.

She ordered 50 pink heart shaped bars that had to be scented in musk fragrance. She also wanted her soap bars to be tagged with this line

"The best day ever includes you."

She did not have a lot of time to discuss if it looks right or not. But she believed in us.

And we did not disappoint her.

Making three batches of soap plus drying them enough to be packaged properly was a difficult task but we managed with the help of Allah.You can see in the picture that the soap batches looked differnt from each other at first but they changed color after sometime and all the bars were pretty much the same color finally.

Our family worked in tandem to deliver the bars on time.

From our home to yours, we can deliver Homespun soap favors to make your events loved truly.

Because Home is where True Love is.

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