The pretty bride

Posted on 2021-12-31

Purple is a family favorite. It can be in any shade. It can be violet or it can be close to pink. It looks so pretty. These bars adorned our drying rack for a limited time as they had to be delivered to a bride.

She was very particular about her order. The bars had to be purple and scented with lavender. So, we started making these bars. The weather became very humid during the last week of December, 2021 in Karachi. The order was placed in urgency during this time and we never wanted to disappoint a bride.

Each batch was a different hue of purple. All were pretty but was she going to accept it?

She did and we moved forward towards the printing of her tags.

The Homespun family worked together from designing and printing of tags, cutting and pasting to packing of the soap favors.

Now, the humidity which made the making of these soaps difficult gave way to rain on the day of delivery. The order was dispatched as early as possible in hopes of avoiding rain.

But a light drizzle started when the rider was on his way.It transformed into heavy rain. He had to stop for sometime. The order was delivered after one hour. We were relieved to know that the soap favors were loved truly by the bride.

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Because Home is where True Love is.

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