The Rice Story

Posted on 2021-01-27

After the successful completion of our first soap batches, we wanted the whole world to experience the luxury of natural soaps. We started handing out our soap bars to near and dear ones.

One of them was our neighbour.She called us and shared her experience with the soap. Her skin concerns were dryness and aging. So, she suggested that we should make a rice soap.

According to our research, rice soap is an extremely moisturizing soap which fights severe dryness thus adding glow to dull skin and reduces signs of aging. Usually, we don't prescribe our soaps as medicines just because some benefits are written on a certain website. Our recommendations are based on factual benefits experienced by our clients.

We googled the available recipes, analyzed our inventory and were soon on the way to formulating our own recipe.

First step was to cook some rice. A very small amount of rice were boiled in plain water. Once they were soft, we added some more water to blend it into a puree.

We had our Homespun Tallow and Homespun Schmaltz prepared already.We use these two fats because their cellular structure is uniquely compatible with human skin which means better absorption of skin loving nutrients resulting in healthy skin. Do you remember that our neighbour had a dry and aging skin? We had to.

Along with animal fats, we used coconut oil and castor oil to produce a creamy and bubbly lather which is a hallmark of true soaps.

True soaps are those which are produced through Hot Process or Cold Process methods.

Moving forward with our recipe, oils, lye and distilled water were weighed.Lye solution was made and blended with the oils. When a thin trace (that is when the mixture of oils and lye starts truning into soap) was achieved, we added fragrances and Homespun Blended Rice.

The soap batter was transferred to moulds.

The bars were taken out.

One soap bar was packed in plain butter paper and handed to our neighbour for Rs.80 only.

The first soap was sold.

Soapmaking at Homespun slowly and gradually came to a standstill in the wake of COVID and uncertainity of future.

Until one day, she asked," Do you have more bars of this soap?"

This encouraged us to sell our soaps to more people. Blended Rice was the first soap to go out of stock but there came another client.

She said, " I love lavender. Can you make Blended Rice soap with lavender?"

We bought some dried lavender and made Homespun Lavender Tea. It was incorporated in our batch of Blended Rice soap along with Lavender Essential Oil. The reulting soap was called Lavender Rice soap.

By now, Homespun was reaching out to more people and Lavender Rice also went out of stock very soon.

As we believe in continuous improvements, we made another batch of Lavender Rice soap with aloevera gel to make it more nourishing and truly loving. We hope that The Rice Story continues with our true love.

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