What's in a soap?

Posted on 2020-11-03

We, at Homespun, make our soaps using centuries old traditional methods called Hot Process and Cold Process. It means we mix our own oils, lye and water. The lye turns these oils into "true soap". This process is called saponification where two products come into being. One is soap and the other is glycerin.Thus, true soap bars contain natural glycerine to clean your skin properly without disturbing it.

Hot Process refers to applying heat to complete saponification process and Cold Process means saponifying at room temperature.

We make our own distilled water and herbal infusions to make lye solutions. We render animal fats before thoroghly cleaning them so that your soap contains clean and skin loving tallow or schmaltz.Besides Homespun ingredients,we work with locally sourced oils, herbs, colorants and fragrances to provide you with a steady supply of handcrafted soap bars.Local sourcing does not only benefit our local community but ensures the freshness and quality of ingredients that reach your skin.

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