Why do we call it the Moisturizer?

Posted on 2021-09-03

Our lotion bar was applauded for its cuteness all over social media. We call it the "Moisturizer". Its currently available in 13g bars and lasts for upto one month. Its use is so simple. Just rub over dry skin to moisturize. That's it. That is why we call it Moisturizer because it does not provide any cleansing action. It is not a soap bar. It is a lotion bar.

Making lotion bars is totally different from making soaps but loads of fun, nonetheless. We have formulated our lotion bars with organic ingredients.

Lotion bars are available on order and they are customizable.You can choose colors and fragrances.

Moisturizer is our own formulation of lotion bar. It is your best friend in dry weather.

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