Our Soapmaker's Story

Posted on 2020-12-01

My soapmaking journey started with my desire for beautiful soaps. I wanted to turn boring soaps into something exotic. I first learned rebatching and fantasized about what would it be like to formulate my own soap recipes. So, I being careful not to splurge too much on my fantasies, gathered soapmaking supplies.

I am so blessed because I have readily available tutorials and blogs. There are many helpful mentors in the soapmaking community all over the world. I learned so much from The Soap Queen, Lovely Greens, BumbleBee Apothecary, soapmaking forum and similar websites. I did not have to go anywhere or spend a single penny for fees.

In the past, people used to make soaps with trial and error but now,they calculate their recipes and avoid wasting their supplies and money.

I fell in love with soapmaking because it involves a lot of interesting things that I came across through various stages. The reaction taking place between different ingredients, the changing of colors, the blending of scents and the overall amalgamation of science and nature is a treat to observe.

The most rewarding aspect of my work is the fact that after all the effort and patience, I get to experience luxurious soaps coupled with the sense of empowerment that I can control the ingredients of my products.

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