Working with activated charcoal

Posted on 2021-02-12

A few months ago, a client asked us if we had anything for sensitive skin. So we started researching on skin sensitivities. It dawned on us that there are very many different types of skin diseases and a soapmaker or any skin product can not cure them. Skin diseases should be properly treated with the help of dermatologists. They can suggest the best possible solution to skin problems. Besides, it is also important to thoroghly check ingredients of skin care products to steer clear of nasty chemicals to avoid further damage to sensitive skin. We, at Homespun clearly and honestly communicate our ingredients so that you or your doctor can make informed skin decisions.

Another problem in the skin industry is the proliferation of hype about certain magic ingredients. As, Activated Charcoal became the new buzz word, companies started rolling out skin products with hefty prices for a small amount of this panacea.

We, at Homespun also wanted to explore Activated Charcoal. So, we browsed different recipes and chose one from Anne Marie, The Soap Queen. We made a few tweeks though. In this soap we put Homespun Aloevera Gel, Lye, Homespun Tallow, Homespun olive oil infused with mint, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Neem oil, Tea Tree Essential oil, Activated Charcoal Powder.

We did not want to play with the skins of people by making unproven claims about this soap. The soaps were tried by some willing individuals with sensitive skin. The soap was loved by people with oily skin and it also proved to be beneficial for people with certain types of acne.

There were some people who experienced breakouts after using it. It is concluded that if anyone has sensitive skin, it is imperative for them to rule out their allergies and triggers. They should carefully read the ingredients of skincare products before using them and not jump on the bandwagon if a fad ingredient receives an unusual amount of hype in the market.

You can also conclude that Homespun Activated Charcoal soap will be great for oily and greasy skin if there are no sensitivities. People with sensitive skin should consult with their dermatologists before trying out this or any of our soaps.

Tomorrow, we will deliver Homespun Activated Charcoal soap to a very special client. She has ordered a bathing bar after her positive experience with the muffin sized soap.

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